We are on the way each day of the week, in order to be at your disposal and to honor the orders we receive. We transport goods not only in Europe, but also to other continents, for example: Africa or The United States of America. We deliver your goods directly to your clients in the safest circumstances, according to our best knowledge and experiences we gathered through the years.

We try to take into consideration the most different requests, the most special situations and delivery terms, so that you are pleased with our services and our every day work.

Our activity is based on complete freights of 24 tons, but also on delivery of goods between 1,5 - 3,5 tons by smaller vehicles and part-deliveries on different export-import relations.

In case our clients apply for it, we can take care of the entire distribution of the transported goods with maximum responsibility. We organize the loading and unloading of goods each time with respect to our clients conditions and requests, even if it is a small freight or a complete one.

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